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Mobility Scooters

When a person’s mobility is restricted, mobility scooters can be a real lifesaver by providing the confidence that comes from being independent. Available in many different styles and models, there are perfect scooters for every person and situation. Once again, a person is able to enjoy life with new-found freedom.

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  • 30-days Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Shipping over $50
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Wide Selection of Mobility Scooters

Just as individuals come in every imaginable shape and size, we take great pride in carrying an impressive selection of mobility scooters that offers perfect solutions for every need. We stock mobility aids complete with important added functions that can help your loved one move about more comfortably. The models are divided into categories that include portable scooters ideal for travel, all-terrain scooters for outdoor adventures and different power levels that coincide with the way the vehicle will be used. Following is a short run-down of styles and functions offered to help you with your purchase.

Correct Size for Everyone

One of the most important considerations in choosing mobility scooters is the size. This must take into account the size of the person using the scooter as well as the area where it will be used. Of course for all-terrain vehicles, size isn’t such an issue but for a scooter that is to be used inside the home, a model that allows mobility from room to room is an important consideration. Whether it’s for a child, a grown adult who is small or someone who is seriously overweight, the size and power level of the scooter should offer a comfortable ride with sufficient power for each person.

Choosing Your Wheels

The number of wheels needed depend on where the scooter will be used. For instance, a 3-wheel mobile scooter gives full-size comfort with speeds and power compatible for use both indoors and out. People requiring a higher degree of stability might be more comfortable with the 4-wheeled scooter.

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