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Power Wheelchairs

Power wheelchairs take the ease and convenience of a manual wheelchair and step it up a notch by adding electricity. You get all the functionality and independence of a standard chair but the electric components make it easier to maneuver. They are ideal for people with limited strength or mobility in their upper arms.

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Power Wheelchair Options

Travel electric wheelchairs are easy to transport and are perfect for shopping, navigating crowded areas, taking on vacation or for short trips around town. They are built with components that can easily be broken down and put into a regular car. Once at your destination, they can be assembled quickly and easily. For the standard power chairs, there are several options that offer the user different types of control. The choices available are center (middle) drive power, front wheel drive and rear wheell drive. They all provide the user with easy manageability, but personal preference or intended usage might give one an advantage over the other. For instance, if you like to see where you’re going, the rear-wheel drive might be the best choice. Since most of the vehicle is in front of the user, it’s easy to avoid running into anything. On the other hand, the front wheel drive wheelchairs have a large section following behind, which must be taken into account when rounding a corner. The center drive electric wheelchairs are great for tight spaces and easy to operate.


When making your selection of power wheelchairs, keep in mind that, unless you purchase the portable style, they are heavier than the standard wheelchairs. For this reason, you might want to also order a ramp or a lift to help with transportation. We are available to help you choose the best equipment to get you moving in the right direction!

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